The stunning and beautiful Kent countryside supplies an inspirational backdrop where artists can come and realise their creative visions and potential. Doz Recording Studios has been around for 25 years in various forms and has constantly been adapted to fit the needs of the ever changing world of music. It is now revamped with a new building, new image and new manager; but continues to keep all the musical heritage and passion. 


Doz Studios is family run, where musicians can make themselves feel at home. In our spacious 60m² live room dubbed the 'Band Room', musicians have the space to kick back and record in comfort as well as relax and be inspired. With bedroom, kitchen and bathroom facilities and ample off street parking, you can move in, relax and make music against the stunning views.

We pride ourselves on not only providing a good working environment but also to make sure that our clients go away with something they are completely happy with. What we do is not just a job that needs doing, it is a very personal endeavour and we make sure we listen and get to know the client and the song/project to make it we do it justice in what are wanting it to be rather than doing just what we think it should be. This makes us very versatile in the type of work we do, with projects ranging from rock to folk to jazz to blues and everything in-between. Scroll down to our portfolio to take a listen.  

We are constantly building up the studios, our gear and our services. Please get in contact for bookings, rates and equipment lists as well as the opportunity to arrange for a preliminary tour. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with current happenings.


Doz Recording Studios

East Wing Daneby Hall

The Lane, Fordcombe

Tunbridge Wells - Kent


Tel: 07969511576

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— Roberto Picazo

“When I planned my album, I had something very specific in mind. Because of the nature of my music, I wanted a recording that sounded like an energetic live band, with a nod to the 50s and 60s records that influence me so deeply. By recording at Doz Studios, that’s exactly what I got.


Al completely understood what I was looking for and worked hard to ensure that I got the sound I wanted. We had a great time at the studio and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

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