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Doz Recording Studios has taken on many forms over its 40 year history, evolving from a modest home studio to a state-of-the-art professional recording and rehearsal space that now welcomes hundreds of musicians through its doors every year. Looking out over spectacular, picturesque views of the Kent countryside, the studio is as creatively inspiring as it is functional.


With a focus on family, community, and creativity, Doz Recording Studios was founded by studio owner Al Drake Brockman’s grandfather in the early 80s, mainly focusing on jazz and classical recordings with a handful of local artists and bands on the books as well. Almost four decades later, the sense of community nurtured by the original faces of Doz Recording Studios has never wavered, with many local artists hiring the space to rehearse and record their music.


Now owned and managed by Al, the studio has evolved into a modern, fully equipped facility that features 2 studio live/rehearsal rooms, control room and kitchen and bathroom facilities. As well as ample off-street parking, spectacular countryside views and a passionate and dedicated owner/engineer. Whether you’re looking for flexible rehearsal sessions, a studio to create and record your EP or album, somewhere to get those creative juices flowing, or you just want to stare at that gorgeous view (trust us, it’s pretty special), Doz Recording Studios is the place to be.

Does that sound good? If so Contact us here for bookings, rates, equipment lists, or even to arrange a preliminary tour of the studio and to discuss your potential project.

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