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It is now tougher than ever to be an artist or band in the modern age. Just making great music isn't enough with the emergence of social media culture. Keeping your brand active and relevant as well as advertising your music and upcoming gigs also involves creating all kinds of media content for all the different platforms you can find your audience on these days. Doz studios has been designed and has evolved with this in mind to be a multipurpose studio space. 

We have bands, musicians, and actors using the space to produce a wide variety of promotional material. Head shots, show reels, music and video for originals/function bands, streamed online gigs, live performance video and content for music videos. The studios and picturesque surroundings make for great promotional pictures and video to put on your socials and we have even had some shots make it onto album artwork!

We have scalable options for videography with some in-house services as well as outsourcing to bring in videographers as well as clients using their own. Please feel free get in touch with us to discuss your projects and how best to make them happen.


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