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Mixing and Mastering


After the recording its time to make sense of it all! Here at Doz we have experience with all genres, from acoustic folk musicians and bands through rock and metal outfits, blues and jazz, to pop and electronic. We work on projects recorded in the studio and recorded elsewhere and brought in to mix as well as mixing live recordings and audio editing for podcasts and voice overs.

We take a hands on, individual approach to each and every project and client; working together to best achieve the sound they hear and want from their songs. This often starts in the recording by using mixing techniques to best get the sound right before we even get to the mixing. Mixing and mastering at Doz is done in the box with a comprehensive range of industry standard plug ins but we can also mix down through analogue summing.

Mastering mixes is also available in house; all about the final tweaks ensuring that your tracks sound coherent and in volume, as well as correcting any minor deficiencies in the mix that may have been missed before. We also can organise DDP images and master CDs for printing and help sort out ISRCs.

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