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It’s time to don some headphones and get recording! Using our state-of-the-art gear and extensive studio facilities, you will have free reign to perfect each track with studio owner Al as your dedicated engineer throughout your sessions at Doz.


From arranging and recording melodies and harmonies, to laying down the rhythm section and adding in percussion and background vocals, the recording process is managed seamlessly by Al from the control room - while you experiment at the mic with the view of the Kent countryside (and possibly the studio dogs!) as your audience. We have the space to accommodate everything from bands and orchestras to soloist and voice over artists.

The studios have many design features to to allow us to be flexible and creative in the the recording and mixing process. Our spacious main live room has a unique modular approach to the acoustics, making use of curtain drapes to either deaden or bring out the room to go between big, spacious and live to tight, controlled and dead. We also have extensive tie lines between the rooms so we can record multiple instruments as the same time without bleed. This allows musicians to record together to capture energy and feel but at the same time still all be isolated.     


We also have mobile recording options available. We can capture multitrack recordings of your gigs as well as location recording which you can either take away or can have mixed in house here. These are extremely useful for live albums or promotional content or to take advantage of a certain space for acoustics or live video.

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